Seattle Chiropractor Discusses Tips to Stay Healthy This Fall Season

Hi, Dr. Zapata with Seattle's Emerald City Spinal Care here. With the weather changing in Seattle, and fall now officially here, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some quick tips on how to stay healthy this fall season!

Fall is here!! Now, as we transition out of the warm summer months, the tendency for some people is to grab a warm pumpkin spice latte and go into winter hibernation mode. But, unlike Game of Thrones, winter is not here yet. So, what I am going to do today is share 3 simple tips to help you keep focused on your health during the fall season!

Tip number one is to embrace seasonal superfoods! Pumpkins in Seattle are good for more than just carving. They are jam packed with immune boosting vitamin A and they can be mashed, roasted, or turned into soup. In addition to pumpkins, there are plenty of other seasonal fall vegetables that can add a healthy bump to your diet. A few great examples include beets, brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes.

Tip number two is to buy your Halloween candy strategically! If you plan on getting candy to hand out to kids (young or adult) for Halloween, you might consider buying candy that you do not like to eat. This will help you avoid eating all the candy before the kids show up at your door!

Tip number three is to get outside! Take advantage of the cooler weather, and get outside for a run or a hike. After all, you only have a limited window to get out and enjoy those beautiful fall colors we get here in Seattle!

That wraps up another Tip of the Week. We hope you found this one helpful! For all of us at Emerald City Spinal Care in Seattle, thanks and have a great week (and fall season!)

- Dr. Zapata and the Emerald City Spinal Care Team


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