Seattle Chiropractor Discusses 3 Elements to an Ideal Sleep Environment

Seattle Chiropractor Discusses 3 Elements to an Ideal Sleep Environment

Hey, it’s Dr. Zapata with Emerald City Spinal Care in Seattle. Today I am going to be sharing with you tips on how you can create the ideal sleep environment in order to get the restful sleep that you need!

Did you know that 71% of Americans do not get enough sleep? A good night sleep is NOT a luxury, it is essential to a healthy mind and body. So, here are three elements that will help you create an ideal sleep environment.

Elements one and two are memory foam pillows and wedges, both of which will play a vital role in keeping your spine properly aligned while sleeping. Memory foam pillows will provide pressure point relief and cradle your head and neck, while wedges will reduce pressure on your spine to relieve muscle tension and increase circulation.

The third element is a memory foam mattress. These memory foam mattresses will conform to contours of your body and support it while in a neutral position. Memory foam mattresses adjust to your body weight, they reduce stress and pressure on your shoulders and your hips, and they will improve your quality of sleep while reducing the amount of tossing and turning you do. Now if you suffer from back pain in Seattle, I recommend that you change out your mattress every seven to eight years.

That wraps up another Tip of the Week. If you are looking for more information on how to pick a pillow, be sure to check out our previous video blog post.

For all of us at Emerald City Spinal Care in Seattle, thanks and have an amazing week!

- Dr. Zapata and the Emerald City Spinal Care Team


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