Seattle Chiropractor Discusses Habits That May Be Harming Your Back

Seattle Chiropractor Discusses Habits That May Be Harming Your Back

Hey everyone, it’s Dr. Zapata in Seattle WA. On this Tip of the Week, I want to cover three super common habits that most people have that could very well be harming your back. As you probably already know, I am a chiropractor in Seattle. As such, I have been able to see some patterns develop with many of the patients I treat in my office. Taking what I have learned and information that I have gathered, I wanted to share that with you all on this week’s tip!

The first common habit that may be causing harm to your back is skipping out on exercise. Did you know that 40 percent of people cut out exercise completely if they are experiencing back pain? Although this may seem like a no brainer, it actually may cause the healing process to take longer. I recommend walking (at a relaxed pace), light stretching or even yoga to help speed up healing.

The second common habit that could be harming your back is sleeping on an old mattress. The average person spends a third of their life sleeping, so it is super important to make sure that you are sleeping on a mattress that can support your sign. Often times, if you are sleeping on an old worn out mattress, it can cause the spine to sag. So, with this in mind, I recommend replacing your mattress every five to seven years to help ensure that your spine is actually supported while you are sleeping.

The third and final habit that may be harming your back is watching too much television. Studies have shown that if a person spends fifteen or more hours each week sitting in front of a television, they are THREE times more likely to suffer from low back pain than their more active counterparts. So, I recommend cutting your viewing time and only watching the shows you REALLY love. Another tip is to take the time during the commercials to get up, move around and do some stretches instead of just fast-forwarding through all those commercials (as appealing as that is!).

This has been another tip of the week! As a chiropractor in Seattle, I can tell you taking stock of some of your most common daily habits and assessing if they may actually be at the root of some of the pain or issues you might be experiencing is a great idea. So, I would encourage you to take some of this advice to heart if you are experiencing back pain!

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For all of us at Emerald City Spinal Care, thank and have an amazing week!

- Zapata and the Emerald City Spinal Care Team in Seattle WA


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