Top Things You Can Do In Seattle WA to Have Fun in 2018

Seattle and the Pacific Northwest are known for their beauty. The endless green trees, the forests, the lakes, the Puget Sound and all of its islands, the Olympic Mountains to the west and the Cascade Mountains to the east! During the summer, when the weather is great, it is an amazing time to be in Seattle. The sheer beauty of the area, and the staggering amount of things to get out and do outside makes it an absolute paradise.


However, there are other times of the year where the sky remains grey and drippy, the weather is cold and not super conducive to making long treks anywhere outside. So, with that in mind, this article is designed to offer up some suggestions on things to do in and around Seattle when the weather is less than spectacular!


#1) Century Link Field for a Seattle Seahawks game:

One of the most popular pastimes in Seattle during the fall and winter months is to watch the Seahawks. For a franchise that has been around since the late 1970’s, the current era of Seahawks football is by far the greatest that we have experienced so far. With that, you can expect to see people walking around celebrating ‘Blue Friday’ and wearing Seahawks gear. You’ll also find that there is nowhere more popular to be on a Sunday than attending an actual Seahawks game on a Sunday! Yes, tickets can be difficult to come by and a bit expensive, but the actual experience of attending a game cannot be explained with words. The noise and energy of the stadium is truly something that needs to be experienced in person if you are in Seattle!


#2) LeMay Car Museum:

OK, so technically the LeMay Car Museum isn’t actually in Seattle, but rather it’s a 30 minute drive south along I-5 in Tacoma. However, if you enjoy cars….or even if you don’t….you will find the LeMay Car Museum a worthy place to spend a rainy day. With an absolutely massive collection of cars, spanning almost 100 years, you are guaranteed to see something you’ve never seen before while visiting this museum.


#3) Go on a Seattle Brewery Tour:

If you had come to Seattle ten years ago and asked what the best spot to grab a local beer was, your options could pretty much be summed up on one hand. Now, however, there are over 30 unique breweries in Seattle alone and this number is growing seemingly every day. My personal recommendation would be to check out the Ballard neighborhood, where you can visit a dozen different breweries that are all within walking distance of each other. It’s not wonder that they call this the ‘Brewery District’ of Seattle! Now, if you only have time to visit one brewery, my personal recommendation would be to make that Reuben’s Brews. With numerous accolades and awards, this is a brewery that is almost always packed with people, and the beer certainly lives up to the hype!


So there you have it, some great options on things to do in Seattle when the weather is less than spectacular, which if I am being honest is the vast majority of the year. That being said, do what the locals do…put on your North Face jacket and get out and explore the beauty that is Seattle anyway! After all, a little bit of rain never hurt anyone…right?