2018 Top 4 Restaurants in Seattle WA

“Oh great”, you are probably saying to yourself, another article about the best restaurants to eat at in Seattle. “It’s probably loaded with a bunch of super pretentious and expensive restaurants run by culinary royalty, and you’ll probably need to make reservations a year in advance” you’re saying. Hey, I get it, that’s the way most of these articles go.


But not this one. Rather, this is meant to provide a run-down from a local as to what my top four restaurants in Seattle would be. You know the type, it’s the type of restaurant that you could eat at every day of the week. The sort of place that is casual but inviting. The kind of place that you can dream about all day!


So, without any more delay, let’s discuss my list of the top four restaurants in Seattle. In no particular order:


#1) Un Bien:

Ok, so I just finished saying that these restaurants are in no particular order, but if I’m being honest, if there is only one place I can bring someone when they visit Seattle, it is going to be Un Bien. There is an interesting story behind the restaurant. Basically, it started out as Paseos, which was a legendary hole in the wall serving the most amazing Caribbean sandwiches and plates in the city. At some point Paseos closed, and was sold off to a new owner. They still exist today, but they are (to be blunt) pretty awful now.


However, out of the ashes of the original Paseo came Un Bien. Owned and operated by the same family that owned the original Paseos, the menu is almost identical and the food is every bit as good. If you’re going to go, I highly suggest ordering a Caribbean Roast sandwich. It’s what they are known for, and in my personal opinion it is the best sandwich you can get in Seattle. Honestly though, you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu!


# 2) La Carta de Oaxaca:

You have to love a restaurant that doesn’t have any signage out front, but is ALWAYS packed, even on a week night. La Carta, as it is known in Seattle, offers some of the best and most authentic Mexican food you will find in the city. If you go on a weekend, be sure to allow yourself some time, as the location itself is small and there will be a ton of people looking to get in.  Just be sure that when you go, you order the Chicken Mole. It is truly one of the best singular dishes I’ve ever eaten in Seattle.


#3) Red Mill Burgers:

Personally, I can’t take a list seriously if it doesn’t include a burger joint, and Red Mill Burgers is my go to favorite burger joint in Seattle. There are three locations, and the burgers strike a perfect balance between artisan and high quality, without being too pretentious. Because, seriously, who wants a $15 gourmet hamburger? When you go, be sure to take a peek behind the counter at the enormous stack of bacon that is piled up by the grills. This is a Seattle staple, and in my (and many other locals) opinions, it is the best overall burger place in Seattle!


#4) Rays Boathouse:

OK, lets change things up a little bit here. The previous 3 restaurants are anything between a hole in the wall, a grab and go spot, and a small low-key Mexican restaurant (with the best Mexican food in Seattle). Rays Boathouse is a little bit different in that it is a higher end restaurant. However, even though the bill may be a little bit higher than the other places on this list, it is also well worth it. Get a window seat, and you’ll have a view to die for. Sitting right on Puget Sound and overlooking the Olympic Mountains, you can eat your dinner with some of the best views available in Seattle.

Plus, if we’re all being honest here, you really cannot have any sort of “best restaurant in Seattle” list without listing a seafood place, and THIS seafood place happens to strike the right balance of fresh seafood, amazing scenery and a laid back vibe!


So, there it is! My top four restaurants to experience in Seattle. I hope you give at least one of these a shot next time you are looking for a place to eat out, or the next time you are visiting the beautiful city of Seattle!