Seattle Chiropractor Discusses Tips to Ease Anxiety

Seattle Chiropractor Discusses Tips to Ease Anxiety

Hey, it’s Dr. Zapata of Seattle back again to share another Tip of the Week! Today, I’m going to be sharing with you some great natural remedies to help ease anxiety!

** This blog is for information only. The contents of this blog and video, such as quoted information and all other materials (“Content”) are provided for reference only, do not claim to be complete or exhaustive or to be applicable to any particular individual’s medical condition.

Always consult with a qualified and licensed physician or other medical care provider prior to making any changes or modifications to medications. **

Did you know that anxiety has become the number one mental health issue in the United States? It has been estimated that over one third of adults in this country suffer from anxiety. So, today I am going to be sharing with you some natural remedies to help ease anxiety.

The first natural remedy is chamomile tea. Some compounds found in chamomile bind to the same brain receptors as valium. There have been studies that have shown that patients who suffer from general anxiety disorders (GAD), if they took chamomile supplements for a period of 8 weeks, they had a significant decrease in their anxiety symptoms compared to those patients who took placebos.

The second natural remedy I want to share with you is exercise. Exercise is safe, it is good for the brain, and it is excellent for reducing stress and anxiety. It has been shown that 20 minutes of exercise is enough to reduce anxiety.

Another natural remedy is lavender. The scent of lavender has been shown to help ease anxiety. In one study, a specially formulated lavender pill was shown to help reduce anxiety symptoms just as effectively as Lorazepam, which is an anti-anxiety medication in the same class as Valium.

The final natural remedy that I want to share with you is to take a “Forest Bath”. Now, I suppose you might be wondering what a Forest Bath is. Well, researchers in Japan found that people who took a 20 minute walk in a forest type setting (think woodsy scents and running water) , these people had lower stress hormone levels after that walk in the forest than they did after a comparable walk in an urban type setting.

That is it for this week! Thanks for reading, and I hope you find this information helpful. As a chiropractor in Seattle, I see people on a daily basis who come in suffering from anxiety symptoms. In fact, anxiety is possibly the most common thing listed in terms of health issues faced.

It is my hope that this video and blog post can help you to reduce your anxiety levels. It should be noted, as in the disclaimer above, that if you are currently taking any medications for anxiety, I do not recommend making any changes to them prior to consulting with your doctor.

For all of us at Emerald City Spinal Care, thank and have an amazing week!

- Dr. Zapata and the Emerald City Spinal Care Team


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