Seattle Chiropractor Discusses How to Improve Your Golf Game & Save Your Back

Seattle Chiropractor Discusses How to Improve Your Golf Game & Save Your Back

Hey, it’s Dr. Zapata with Emerald City Spinal Care, here to share another Tip of the Week. Today, I am going to be sharing with you tips on how to improve your golf game while saving your back!

It’s no secret that golf can be hard on your back. The quick, repetitive, twisting motions required to swing a golf club can really put your back at risk every time you go out and play a round. And, if you already have a back injury in Seattle, you are putting other muscle groups at risk too! Now, while getting chiropractic adjustments aren’t likely to improve your slice or your putting, these tips that I’m going to share with you today may just help to improve your overall game and help lower your score!

  • The first tip is to arrive early at the course. Do some warmup stretches and some light swinging before the game. Stretching and loosening up is key here. You will also want to do some light stretches after your round to keep muscles loose and lengthened, which will help you avoid too much soreness later in the day.
  • The second tip is to drink plenty of water. It is easy to get dehydrated out on the golf course (especially true when the beer-cart keeps rolling by). It’s important to remember to drink water before, during and after your round. Being dehydrated can set the stage for a strained muscle.
  • The next tip is to walk the course and avoid carrying a heavy golf bag. If you don’t have a golf cart, I’d recommend at least getting a push cart for your clubs. Carrying a heavy golf bag for 18 holes can cause imbalances in your spine.
  • Consider taking golf lessons. The reason I make this suggestion is simply that golf lessons can help improve your body mechanics, and improved body mechanics when swinging a golf club can help reduce your risk of injury
  • Consider chiropractic. A properly aligned spine can help golfers reduce the amount of stress and strain put on their bodies. The lower back undergoes a lot of stress with the torque of a standard golf swing. But, other body parts can affect your golf game too. For example, pain or range of motion issues in your shoulders, knees or elbows will likely cause you to alter your swing, which can lead to inflated scores. Playing golf pain-free can make the difference between ENJOYING your round of golf versus simply ENDURING it!

So, that wraps up another tip of the week! It is my hope that these tips are helpful for all of you golfers out there! For all of us at Emerald City Spinal Care, thanks and have an amazing week!

- Zapata and the Emerald City Spinal Care Team in Seattle WA


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