Seattle Chiropractor Discusses the Hazards of A Heavy Purse or Thick Wallet

Seattle Chiropractor Discusses the Hazards of A Heavy Purse or Thick Wallet

Hello again! It’s Dr. Zapata with Emerald City Spinal Care. I am a chiropractor in Seattle WA, and as a chiropractor I work with a lot of people who suffer from neck, shoulder and low back pain. This Tip of the Week is focused on wallets and purses, which are two great examples of things that typically go everywhere we do but are often times given little thought in terms of how they can be a source of some of the back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain that people commonly experience.

First, let’s talk about wallets. How many of you carry a wallet in your back pocket and spend a good amount of your day sitting? Did you know that sitting on your wallet for an extended period of time can really effect the balance of your hips and can eventually lead to low back and hip pain? Now, whether you are rockin’ the ‘George Costanza’ wallet (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, type that into YouTube), or something a little bit more reasonable… want to make sure that you are pulling your wallet out of your pocket when you sit down.

So, now let’s talk a little bit about purses. Ladies, I know that no matter how big or small your purse is, it’s always full! This is going to take a big toll on your shoulders, your neck and your back. So, to avoid these issues, I recommend lightening your load. Make sure that you are only carrying your essentials with you. Also, make sure that your bag weighs no more than 10 percent of your body weight. Your neck and your shoulders will thank you!

That wraps up another tip of the week! I hope you found this helpful. If you like what you read, and want more original content like this, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook.

For all of us at Emerald City Spinal Care, thank and have an amazing week!

- Zapata and the Emerald City Spinal Care Team


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