Seattle Chiropractor Discusses 3 Great Low Back Stretches

Hey, it’s Dr. Zapata with Emerald City Spinal Care, here to share another Tip of the Week! As a chiropractor, I work with people all the time who suffer from low back pain in Seattle. Often times, this is due to people sitting for prolonged periods at work. So, today I am going to be sharing a series of low back stretches that are also known as the McKenzie Method.

The McKenzie method is a series of low back extension exercises that were developed in the late 1950’s by Robin McKenzie. These extension exercise will help to stretch, strengthen and stabilize your spine. So, today, I am going to share with you three of my favorite McKenzie method stretches!

The first stretch is called ‘Lying Down in Extension’. For this stretch, you will want to lay down on your stomach with your weight on your elbows and forearms. Your elbows should be touching the floor. Next, you will want to relax your back and remain in this position for two to three minutes, doing this six to eight times per day. For a visual reference, the stretch should look something like this:

The second stretch is ‘Extension While Standing’, also known as ‘Back Bends’. For this stretch, you will want to stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Place your hands over your low back region and arch backwards as far as possible without too much strain. This stretch is great for alleviating back pain in Seattle both during and after prolonged sitting. For visual reference, this stretch should look something like this:

The third and final stretch I want to share with you today is called ‘Flexion in Lying Down’. For this stretch, you are going to want to lay on the floor on your back, with your knees bend and your feet flat on the floor. Then, you will want to slowly raise your right knee to your chest. Then, while keeping your right knee where it is, slowly raise your left knee to your chest. Hold this position for roughly 10-20 seconds. Then, you will want to slowly release one leg at a time. The stretch should look something like this:

That wraps up another Tip of the Week at Emerald City Spinal Care in Seattle. Try incorporating some of these stretches into your daily routine and let us know how it goes for you by dropping us a comment! For more original content, be sure to check out our blog at

For all of us at Emerald City Spinal Care, thanks and have an amazing week!

- Dr. Zapata and the Emerald City Spinal Care Team


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