Seattle Chiropractor Discusses Why Athletes Should Get Adjusted

Seattle Chiropractor Discusses Why Athletes Should Get Adjusted

Hello! Dr. Zapata with Emerald City Spinal Care, here to share another Tip of the Week. This week’s tip is for athletes, or anyone who is looking to improve your performance. More specifically, it is about how everyone from the world’s top athletes, to weekend warriors, can see improvements in performance from chiropractic care in Seattle WA.

There is a reason why the top athletes in the world swear by chiropractic. Just to name a few who have specifically credited chiropractic with helping keep their game at peak level:

  • Jerry Rice – Considered by many to be the greatest wide-receiver of all time.
  • Michael Jordan – Pretty much the undisputed “best professional basketball player of all time.
  • Tiger Woods – Who absolutely DOMINATED golf for a decade.
  • Tom Brady – Working his way into the debate for greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL (popularity here in Seattle not-withstanding)
  • Wayne Gretszky – Whose nickname is literally “The Great One” and is the consensus best hockey player of all time

I could continue, but I suspect you get the point. So, why do the greatest of all time in their respective sports claim that chiropractic was a factor that helped them achieve G.O.A.T status? The short answer is that in professional sports, where everyone plays at an incredibly high level….these players are / were always looking to gain the slightest of edges over their competition. Chiropractic is one tool for the elite athlete that can do exactly that.

So, let’s dig a little bit deeper and cover four benefits of chiropractic that can help you take your game to the next level!

  1. Heightened Body Awareness. Because athletes are so active and participate in high-impact sports, they tend to be more prone to injury. Chiropractic adjustments can help restore function to both the body and the nervous system.
  2. Improved Movement. Recent studies have shown that athletes under chiropractic care noted a nearly 10% improvement in their movement and response times compared to athletes NOT under chiropractic care. Obviously, for any athlete, a 10%improvement in movement and range of motion plus an improvement in reaction time equals better performance and an edge over the competition! (The study was published in the May 2006 issue of the scientific periodical, The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutic)
  3. Better balance. Chiropractic care for athletes can help restore balance in the entire body. This allows signals to flow freely from the brain to the body.
  4. Increased flexibility. When your joints and spinal bones are in proper alignment, you can maneuver with better ease. For athletes, flexibility is certainly critical!

That is it for this tip of the week. So, for all you athletes and weekend warriors out there in Seattle looking to be the greatest of all time, be sure to get adjusted! As a chiropractor in Seattle, I understand how important it is for people to be able to perform at their best. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, running, cycling or participating in organized sports, most people in Seattle LOVE to be active and outdoors

For all of us at Emerald City Spinal Care, thank and have an amazing week!

- Dr. Zapata and the Emerald City Spinal Care Team in Seattle WA


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